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Summer 1966
Vol. 1, No. 3
June, July, August 1966
16 Pages

Disney News Summer 1966

On the Cover
Direct from the New York World's Fair, It's a Small World, Walt's "personal salute to all the world's children," prepares to open at Disneyland in the Summer of '66. 

Inside Highlights

  • Disneyland prepares for the opening of It's a Small World, New Orleans Square, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Primeval World.
  • Walt Disney presents General David Sarnoff, RCA board chairman, with the Screen Producers Guild Milestone Award for creating "new worlds of commication, entertainment and information through radio, television and color TV."
  • Disneyland's 160-man security force is "quiet, benevolent, firm and effective."
  • Members of the magazine press, including reporters from Redbook, Esquire, Readers Digest and Better Homes and Gardens get tours of Disneyland, the Walt Disney Studio and WED Enterprises.
  • From antlers for the movie The Gnome-Mobile to a zither for the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, Disney's prop department handles all kinds of unusual objects.

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