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Summer 1967
Vol. 2, No. 3
June, July, August 1967
16 Pages

Disney News Summer 1967On the Cover
Disneyland's New Tomorrowland--"a world constantly on the move"--makes its Summer 1967 debut.

Inside Highlights
"DISNEYLAND'S SUMMER 1967:  Highlight is Fantastic New Tomorrowland" (Page 1)

At a cost of $22 million--$5 million more than Disneyland originally cost--a new Tomorrowland gets ready to debut.  It will feature six new major attractions: America the Beautiful, presented by the Bell System in Circle-Vision 360; Flight to the Moon, an updated space adventure presented by Douglas Aircraft; Carousel of Progress and Progress City, presented by General Electric; Adventure Thru Inner Space presented by Monsanto; the PeopleMover, an all-new transportation system presented by Goodyear; and the Coca-Cola Refreshment Gardens (later renamed Tomorrowland Terrace), a "wall-less entertainment and restaurant center."

"Disneyland Packs Summer Season With Special Entertainment" (Page 4)
Disney promises summer entertainment "jam-packed with musical variety, name bands, special stage shows and dancing."  Among those scheduled to perform are Woody Herman's Swingin' Herd, Mel Torme and the Buddy Rich Band on Memorial Day weekend.  Date Nights in June will feature the Ward Gospel Singers, the Mustangs, Bill Elliott's Orchestra, the Royal Tahitians and the Firehouse Five Plus Two.  Monday night Humdinger's include the Young Rascals, Leslie Gore, Neil Diamond and Tammi Terrell.

"Shermans' Music Stems From Ideas, Experience, Fortuosity" (Page 6)
A profile of the award-winning brothers Richard and Robert Sherman, the songwriters for such classic Disney movies as Mary Poppins and The Parent Trap.  They composed the tunes for Disney's newest musical The Happiest Millionaire, including the happy song Fortuosity.  "(Fortuosity) is something that we ourselves feel about our lot in life," said the brothers.  "We get up every morning, drive to work, stop at the security gate and pinch ourselves, just to make sure we're not dreaming.  We think 'fortuosity' is a good word for it."
     Fun Fact:  The Shermans would go on to compose the songs and scores for The Jungle Book, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The Aristocats and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  They also wrote "It's a Small World," so be sure to think of them the next time the song gets in your head and won't leave.

"NEW ADVENTURE:  The Pirates of the Caribbean" (Page 8)
An inside look at the newly opened Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. 

Other Articles
"Disneyland's Matterhorn Proves Handy Traffic Aid"
- Anaheim Police Department officers, stationed atop the Matterhorn, use the vantage point to help direct congested traffic in the Disneyland area.
"BRIGHT SEASON: New Fall Lineup Set for 'Wonderful World of Color'" - Pablo the Dancing Chihuahua, The Little Ranger of Brownstone Park, Gallegher Out West, The Boy Who Flew with Condors and A Salute to Alaska are among the programs scheduled for Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color on NBC.
"University of Disneyland, An Institution of Smiles" - Over 5,000 Disneyland employees per year get in-house training to become "people specialists" and learn how to best take care of Disney guests.
"Walt Disney's Gnome-Mobile Stars Gnomes, Gnaturally" - Walter Brennan plays the dual role of lumber executive D. J. Mulrooney and 943-year old gnome Knobby in the summer release The Gnome-Mobile, also starring comedian Ed Wynn in one of his final roles.
"Most Exciting Premiere in Company's History Set for 'Millionaire'" - The world premiere of the Disney musical The Happiest Millionaire will be held at the Hollywood Pantages Theater on June 23rd to benefit the California Institute of the Arts.  In attendance will be the real-life descendants of the Biddle and Duke families on which the movie is based.
"Park's Tinkerbell (sic) Leads Magical Double Life" - 24-year old Judy Kaye "flies" down from the Matterhorn every night as Tinker Bell kicks off Disneyland's summertime fireworks show.  She previously partnered with her twin brother Terrell as part of a circus aerial act.
"LOST AND FOUND: Park Department has Exceptional Record" - Hotel room keys, toupees and false teeth are among the items that turn up in Disneyland's Lost and Found Department which takes great pride in reuniting guests with their lost items about 75% of the time.
"Disneyland Music Man: Magic Kingdom High Point of Vesey Walker's Career" - A profile of legendary bandleader Vesey Walker, who has marched his band through over 10,000 parades in front of more than 50-million Disneyland guests.
"Studio Stages Are Busy With New Productions" - The movies Never a Dull Moment, starring Dick Van Dyke and Dorothy Provine, and The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band, starring Buddy Ebsen, are in production at the Disney Studios.  Both movies will be released in 1968.

"Pony Farm Provides For Park's Four-Legged Employees"
- On 6 1/2 acres of land northwest of Disneyland, the park's over 200 horses, ponies, mules and burros are trained and cared for.

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