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The 1970s

Disney News Spring 1970
Spring 1970
Br'er Bear
Disney News Summer 1970
Summer 1970
Fireworks Over
Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Disney News Fall 1970
Fall 1970

Coca Cola's
Tomorrowland Terrace
Disney News Winter 1970-71
Winter 1970-71
Holiday Season
at Disneyland

Disney News Spring 1971
Spring 1971
Springtime at Disneyland
Disney News Summer 1971
Summer 1971
Matterhorn Bobsleds
 Disney News Fall 1971
Fall 1971
Pirates of the Caribbean
Disney News Winter 1971-72
Winter 1971-72
Fantasy on Parade

Disney News Spring 1972
Spring 1972
Country Bear Jamboree
Disney News Summer 1972
Summer 1972
Contemporary Resort
at Walt Disney World
Disney News Fall 1972
Fall 1972
Famous Disney Villains
Disney News Winter 1972-73
Winter 1972-73
Walt Disney World's
Christmas Holiday Parade

Disney News Spring 1973
Spring 1973
Walt Disney Productions'
50 Happy Years
Disney News Summer 1973
Summer 1973
Water Ski Show at
Walt Disney World
Disney News Fall 1973
Fall 1973
Robin Hood
Disney News Winter 1973-74
Winter 1973-74
Disney's Animated

Disney News Spring 1974
Spring 1974
Walt Disney World's
Treasure Island
Disney News Summer 1974
Summer 1974
America Sings
Disney News Fall 1974
Fall 1974
The Haunted Mansion
Disney News Winter 1974-75
Winter 1974-75
Walt Disney World's
Space Mountain

Disney News Spring 1975
Spring 1975
America on Parade
Disney News Summer 1975
Summer 1975
Fireworks Over
Walt Disney World
Disney News Fall 1975
Fall 1975
America on Parade
Disney News Winter 1975-76
Winter 1975-76
The Walt Disney Story

Disney News Spring 1976
Spring 1976
Disney's Ambassadors
Disney News Summer 1976
Summer 1976
Disney Summer Fun
Disney News Fall 1976
Fall 1976
Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox
Disney News Winter 1976-77
Winter 1976-77
Walt Disney World's
Christmas Parade

Disney News Spring 1977
Spring 1977
Walt Disney World's
Springtime Flowers
Disney News Summer 1977
Summer 1977
Space Mountain
Disney News Fall 1977
Fall 1977
The Empress Lilly at Walt
Disney World Village
Disney News Winter 1977-78
Winter 1977-78
All American
College Entertainers

Disney News Spring 1978
Spring 1978
Horse Drawn Streetcar
at Disneyland
Disney News Summer 1978
Summer 1978
The Main Street
Electrical Parade
Disney News Fall 1978
Fall 1978
Mickey Mouse's
50th Birthday
Disney News Winter 1978-79
Winter 1978-79
Disneyland Tour Guides

Disney News Spring 1979
Spring 1979
Disney's Ambassadors
Disney News Summer 1979
Summer 1979
Fantasy in the Sky"
Disney News Fall 1979
Fall 1979
The Black Hole
Disney News Winter 1979
Winter 1979
Big Thunder Mountain

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